TONI&GUY Brisbane

Shaz - 31 August 2020

Sharon Palmer - 31st Aug 2020

Christ I just had a thought, I think it’s been nearly 16 years since I’ve been seeing Toni & Guy on Edward Street and it’s only ever been on Edward street although they moved at one stage! Point is, in the entire 16 years, I’ve always had a great experience. I used to feel bad rocking up looking like a skinny bush pig but gees do I get the satisfaction of walking out feeling like a semi sweet ass model LMAO. The staff know exactly how to apply their professional recommendations + skills with what I want which give me amazing results. I feel like I’ve somewhat grown up into a family with them especially with Lou as she started doing my hair way back when my bro use to wait for me between the years 2005-2008 when I barely did not have enough dollars to afford it, but every dollar is worth it! Most importantly, during Rona’s presence, Toni & Guy have adapted a very safe and secure environment which is assuring. In conclusion to my rant review, I’ve just had a personal deep reflective train a thought just now, not long ago I started questioning myself as to whether I’m a loyal person. Well here’s my accurate answer. - - - - Cheers to my loyalty with Toni & Guy for over 15 years ya’ll. *If Toni & Guy ain’t your hairdresser in Brisbane then you are missing out big fat times on having hair orgasms the way I do the very second I walk out!! #hairorgasm #careforyourhair #loveyourhair #hairychicksarehealthyandwealthy